Seamwork is an online magazine covering all aspects of beautiful garment sewing. Articles are available free on the web to a large audience of enthusiastic clothing-makers.

We are looking for pitches for articles that take a deep, comprehensive look at a topic related to making your own clothes; essays on lessons learned through sewing; and city guides tailored to the sewing enthusiast.

Please see our most recent call for submissions to learn more about what we're seeking right now, and click the categories below to learn how and what to submit. If you are already working with us on a piece, you can also submit the finished work below. All  pieces must be original, unpublished work.

We look forward to hearing from you!

NOTE: We are no longer accepting submissions for city guides for this submission round. Look for our next round to submit for this column in 4 to 6 months.
Do you have a story you'd like to share in our podcast? Record a short (no more than a few minutes) idea using the voice memo app on your phone. Then submit it to us by uploading it here.
Do you work in the fashion industry, own your own sewing business, design textiles, or have a job that might inspire Seamwork readers?

Professional Profiles highlight a fashion or sewing industry professional’s experience, story, and techniques in order inspire Seamworkers with helpful tips from industry professionals. The article is both narrative and informative and should have clear take-aways for readers that enable them to sew faster and smarter.

This feature is a great way to promote your skills and business to thousands of sewing enthusiasts!

Each issue of Seamwork is centered around a singular theme. Themes we have explored in the past include: Celebration, Body, Outdoors, Knits, and Lingerie. Professional Profiles will be chosen based on our upcoming magazine themes. 

Please briefly tell us a bit about yourself and your experience below. We'll talk in more detail if your pitch is accepted!

We all love to see finished sewing projects. Do you a finished Seamwork project you'd like to share?

Seamworker's Closet will take our readers into your closet, as you share your favorite Seamwork project and talk about your personal style.

This is a great way to let our readers know about your blog or to meet new sewing friends on social media.

To submit your closet, please fill out the form below, and carefully read each section. You must attach high-quality images of your finished project and a link to your blog or other social media profile.

We can't wait to see what you made!

Do you have an idea for a how-to article or a guide on a particular subject? Submit a  pitch here!

How-tos are articles that cover a particular technique, including step-by-step information. Guides cover a particular topic of interest to the sewist, without necessarily containing any hands-on step-by-step information. Both should be detailed, comprehensive articles with original research.

To pitch your article, please fill out the form below, and carefully read each section. You can optionally attach images or other files that will help support your pitch.

We will get back to you with further details if your idea seems like it might work for an upcoming issue. We can't wait to hear from you!
If you are a writer we've already assigned an article to, submit your finished work here!
If you are an illustrator, photographer, or film maker interested in working with us, you can submit your work samples, portfolio, or resume here.

Visuals are developed to accompany story content, so we will be in touch if your work seems like a good match for a particular story we are working on. We will be happy to keep your work on file for future issues as well.
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